Broad Applicability of Galenvs’ Technology

While Galenvs Sciences leverages its technology internally to build its own pipeline of magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic bead-based products across research and diagnostics fields, Galenvs also frequently collaborates with academic institutions, governmental agencies, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to jointly discover and develop novel technologiesWe have ongoing interest in new opportunities to develop first-in-class technologies and methodologies with scientific partners.

Galenvs provides new, more efficient methodologies in a chosen life sciences area coupled with a manufacturing capability and further optimization under the guidance of our expert multi-disciplinary scientific team. What our partners gain is the ability to go from concept to product in weeks, rather than months, and with dramatically higher success rates than with standard methods.

Our team of research and data scientists, seasoned from dozens of successful multidisciplinary projects, define the parameters, refine the designs, build the models, run the simulations and quickly deliver the insights that improve and accelerate project outcomes while reducing project costs. The convergence of big data, artificial intelligence, and in-house scientific research and development has allowed Galenvs to build a formulation discovery system that is order of magnitudes faster, cheaper, and more accurate than traditional wet-lab based approaches. Fast, scalable, and highly interactive, our AI system has built-in biotech and life sciences functions found in no other system.

Data-agnostic, our AI system is compatible with virtually any data type, from Electronic Health Records, clinical trials, ‘omics to claims and can work with various sized data sets. Galenvs helps extend a researcher’s reach and advance lofty scientific and business objectives.

Our mission is to make feasible and cost-effective product development and commercialization programs, and make them quickly.

How Galenvs Collaborates With Its Partners

Novel simulation for discovery and translational research

Run MNP and MNP-based buffer behaviour simulations to reveal optimal performance, including extraction and purification conditions of nucleic acid and protein capture.

Faster, better-designed research protocols

Select efficient methodologies to better address testing and clinical research development. Discover and evaluate the most promising hypotheses before research or study design, reducing expensive trial and error.

Accelerated Market Access

Generate evidence of comparative effectiveness at later stages of product development to support value-based contracts and label expansion. Partners go from concept to product in weeks, rather than months, and with dramatically higher success rates than with standard methods. 

Our Scientific team is here to provide all the scientific, technical, and organization support you need – always ready to answer all your diverse questions.