Building Block – Magnetic Beads

Galenvs Sciences is the largest manufacturer of magnetic beads in Canada

A Canadian pioneer in magnetic beads synthesis and functionalisation, Galenvs manufactures and distributes premium varieties of nanoparticles that allow scientists, engineers, chemists, and clinicians to work at molecular and cellular levels to produce important advances in life sciences and healthcare.

Galenvs’ magnetic nanoparticles offer major advantages due to their unique size and physicochemical properties, and we regularly customise our magnetic beads for a wide range of applications in biotechnology, biomedical, material science, engineering, and environmental areas.

Our magnetic beads, developed specifically for extraction and purification of biomolecules, allow facile sample preparation using only an external magnet for downstream analytical processes.

Galenvs designs and engineers magnetic beads and surface conjugations in-house.

Our ready-to-use magnetic-bead-based reagents are ideal for experimental workflows, in vitro diagnostic and analytical applications.

First-in-class magnetic bead-based reagents for nucleic acid extraction

Extraction Kit Line – magnetiQ

Our technology, Galenvs’ proprietary magnetic-based reagents optimised through machine learning, permits the rapid isolation of nucleic acids using less steps and reagents that other kits for the same purpose.

Magnetic-based nucleic acid extraction employ functionalised magnetic beads for DNA/RNA isolation as opposed to silica spin columns. Since centrifugation is not necessary for buffer and reagent exchange – as only magnetic capture of magnetic nanoparticles and supernatant collection is required – such systems are amenable to high throughput automated sample processing.

Galenvs’ magnetic based reagents are adapted for compatibility with downstream applications, microfluidic formats, and automated platforms. We ensure that our kits are compatible with all leading commercially available, open automated systems. We provide automation scripts for end users to be able to integrate the magnetiQ product with their open automated platform.

The magnetiQ kits are developed for ease-of-use. The facile implementation of the protocol is accomplished in under 15 minutes, and does not necessitate highly skilled personnel, as the Galenvs protocol generally involves simple mixing and less steps compared to traditional spin-column techniques. In addition, Galenvs magnetic reagents for nucleic acid extraction do not require additional equipment – including heating, centrifugation, or vortexing. This is often required for many magnetic and spin-column protocols, especially those involving additives that necessitate elevated temperatures for enhanced activity.

Our magnetiQ extraction reagents and buffers offer several innovations that are at the forefront of the nucleic acid extraction and purification kit market. This includes the proprietary formulation of magnetic-based reagents – including buffer recipes as well as magnetic beads fabrication and functionalisation – based on proprietary machine learning algorithms. Galenvs extraction kits allow for a rapid protocol with less steps/buffers than competitors, while achieving RNA/DNA isolations with superior yield and purity in less than 15 minutes.

We create superior products using Machine Learning training data sets for several critical variables.