Total RNA (Blood) Extraction

Total RNA (blood) extraction kit image
For Research Use Only.
  • High RNA recovery and quality of varying sizes
  • Short and scalable protocol
  • Rapid and cost-effective extractions
  • Non-toxic chemicals
  • Automatable on open systems

Available in a range of formats designed to meet different sample size and throughput needs and designed for both manual and fully automated platforms.

prefilled plates

Available in prefilled plated formats for automated extractions. Learn more.

High RNA Yield/Purity Fast 40 min Protocol Effortless Magnetic Extractions Automatable/High Throughput

The magnetiQ Total RNA (Blood) Extraction Kit enables a rapid and efficient method of extraction and purification of RNA and mRNA from blood samples. DNA-free purification of RNA is achieved through magnetic bead-based capture and subsequent elution into a clean buffer.