Plasmid Preparation Services

Plasmids are versatile and flexible molecular tools routinely used in genetic engineering with a wide range of research applications. Plasmid constructs are used as vectors, that allow the insertion of foreign DNA or a gene of interest to alter gene expression in target cell lines.

Galenvs Sciences Inc. offers high-quality plasmid DNA preparation services for genomics and drug discovery research. We provide standard and customized plasmid prep services suitable for all your research needs. Depending on the application and workflow requirements, we can provide plasmids with the desired size, copy number, stability, and host compatibility. Some of the common types of plasmids used for biological research are:

Cloning Plasmids
Used for cloning of DNA fragments typically comprise an antibiotic resistance gene, origin of replication, and multiple cloning site (MCS). They’re typically used for positive controls, PCR, and molecular assays.

Expression Plasmids
Ideal for gene expression experiments in mammalian, yeast, or bacterial cells and contain a promoter sequence, a transcription terminator sequence, and the inserted gene sequence.

Viral Plasmids
These are modified viral genomes used to create viral particles (for example, lentiviral, retroviral or adenoviral particles) to infect target cell lines.

DNA Template Plasmids
Nucleic acid template for mRNA and other vaccine production. 

Reporter Plasmids
They express a reporter gene to track cell activity or for use as positive controls.

Features & Benefits

The purity and quality of plasmids directly translate to the efficiency and performance of your experiments. Galenvs is committed to providing high-quality plasmid DNA to suit your research requirements. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facility follows stringent quality-controlled processes for plasmid DNA synthesis, extraction, purification, and validation. The integrity of the plasmids is validated before shipping.