Who we are

Made in Canada

Galenvs Sciences Inc. is a biotech company in Canada, based in Montreal, Quebec. Galenvs specializes in magnetic nanoparticle synthesis and magnetic bead-based nucleic acid isolation reagent formulation informed by machine learning technology for a wide range of applications including basic and clinical research, and diagnostic procedures.

Galenvs’ proprietary artificial intelligence system, creates supervised algorithms that inform research and development of turn-key platforms and solutions for researchers and clinicians in academic, governmental, biotech, and pharmaceutical labs.

A full stack magnetic nanoparticle and magnetic nanoparticle-based reagent discovery and manufacturing company, Galenvs generates in-house data before combining the analytical power of AI with the creativity and expertise of our world-class scientists. This allows us to shorten the formulation discovery stage and, in turn, substantially accelerate the delivery of new products & tools to researchers and clinicians worldwide.

Galenvs, a first of its kind biotech company in Canada that automates biotech product design, surpassing conventional human endeavour. Our aim is to make powerful, easy to use, and sophisticated day-to-day tools available for researchers and clinicians everywhere – more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Our highly scalable formula discovery platform is built on best-in-class, validated proprietary AI technology guided by the unrivalled knowledge and experience of our scientists. By decreasing the number of compounds analysed per formulation by hundreds, we can dramatically reduce the time and cost of discovering and developing new tools.

We believe this balance of AI plus human creativity is the future of research discovery. And it’s already started with this one biotech company in Canada.

Galenvs is uniquely positioned to help in the Canadian COVID-19 fight as the only Canadian developer and manufacturer of magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic bead-based purification and extraction kits for clinical diagnostics.

We are the largest manufacturer of magnetic nanoparticles in Canada