Quick Plasmid Miniprep

Plasmid Isolation Kit - Plasmid Miniprep
For Research Use Only.
  • Plasmid isolation kit for high plasmid recovery without RNase
  • Short and scalable protocol for both low and high-copy vectors
  • Cost effective extractions
  • Non-toxic chemicals
  • Automatable on open systems

 Available in a range of formats designed to meet different sample size and throughput needs and designed for both manual and fully automated protocols.

The magnetiQ Quick Plasmid Miniprep Kit enables a rapid and efficient method of plasmid extraction and purification without need for RNase supplement. The plasmid isolation kit provides extraction of plasmid supercoiled DNA through single-step magnetic bead-based lysis and capture of plasmids from transformed bacteria.

The magnetiQ Quick Plasmid Isolation Kit enables simple and rapid plasmid extraction from cultured bacteria in 15-20 minutes using magnetic nanoparticles. No need for spin columns and multiple centrifugation steps. Isolate highly pure concentrations of plasmid DNA with negligible gDNA, protein or endotoxin carryover.

 Plasmid Miniprep

The magnetiQ Quick Plasmid Isolation Kit alleviates the need for centrifugation steps and separate collection tubes – in contrast to standard column-based kits. magnetiQ Quick Plasmid Miniprep Kit allows for facile bacterial lysis, bacterial plasmid binding, and endotoxin removal only using a standard magnetic rack. The purified bacterial plasmid DNA can be concentrated in volumes as low as 25 μL, compared to column-based kits which often necessitate larger elution volumes. The magnetiQ Quick Plasmid Miniprep Kit performance demonstrates high yield and pure plasmid DNA extraction for both low and high copy vectors. Sample processing is completed in less than 20 minutes, yielding high purity and efficient recovery of molecular biology grade plasmids.


• Molecular biology
• In Vitro transfection
• PCR, DNA sequencing, cloning


• Amenable to high-throughput methods, including automation
• Faster and simpler magnetic collection and resuspension steps
• Reduces concern for clogging
• Eliminates RNase treatment
• Eliminates centrifugation steps with bacterial lysis and removal of cell debris, proteins, and denatured gDNA

 Plasmid Miniprep

The magnetiQ Quick Plasmid Isolation Kit contains optimized buffers for molecular biology applications developed with Galenvs’ functionalised magnetic beads and optimized with machine-learning approaches for protocol development and reagent formulation.

Sample TypeBacterial cell culture
FormatsManual: 20 or 200 assays
Automated: 16 or 96 assays
Elution Volume100 µL
Processing ModeAutomated; Manual. Compatible with 96-well plates.
Throughput1-200 samples per run
Binding TechnologyMagnetic beads
Binding CapacityScalable
Components (i) GPL-1,
(ii) GPL-2,
(iii) Lysis/binding buffer,
(iv) Binding Magnetic Nanoparticles,
(v) Wash Buffer  #1,
(vi) Wash Buffer  #2,
(vii) Elution buffer
StorageRoom temperature

 Plasmid Miniprep

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